Graduation is a huge milestone in any student’s life. However, with graduation looming on the horizon, many graduating seniors forget to prepare one vital thing: their resume.

Are you graduating soon — or have you recently graduated — and you’re a bit lost on how to build up an interview-worthy resume without any experience outside of school? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. We’ve pulled together some resume tips for college students with no experience so you can blow away the businesses that you apply to.

Highlight Your Education

Make sure your educational background is the first thing in your resume. This is one of the most crucial elements employers consider when choosing a candidate. In writing your academic history, indicate your degree, major, minor, college or university name, and graduation date. If it’s impressive, pop your GPA in there, too. You may also want to specify your thesis titles, awards, favorite field of study, and relevant coursework.

Tweak It Based on the Job Description

To increase your chances of getting noticed by the employer, modify your resume based on the position you’re applying for. Read the job description thoroughly. Take note of the keywords, then use these terms in your resume where it makes sense. Lots of hiring personnel look for keywords that match the skills they need when screening candidates.

Add Your Work Experience

Even if your previous job experience isn’t exactly connected to the position you’re applying for, you should still demonstrate your capacity to work well and acquire new skills. Mention internships, volunteer work, and other jobs that allowed you to learn and grow. Specify your job title, dates of work, and company name and location. Then, include an overview of your duties and accomplishments in two to four bullet points. Use impactful action verbs at the start of each bullet point.

Emphasize Your Skills

Out of all of our resume-writing tips for college students, this is one of the most important. Highlighting your skills can make a huge difference. Are you good with public speaking, fluent in several languages, or skilled in multiple computer programs? Make sure to include these in a “Skills” section on your resume.

Consider Adding More Relevant Sections

If they’re relevant to the position, consider adding other sections, such as extracurricular activities, certifications, and honors and awards. This way, you can showcase how and where you’ve acquired skills that will come in handy for the position and prove that you have the skills to perform the job well.

Final Thoughts

If you want a well-written resume, use our resume-building tips for college students to leave a great impression on hiring managers. They may seem simple, but they’ll make a lasting impact on hiring managers and help you land the interviews you need.